How to Choose a Niche topic?

Most of new bloggers find it confusing and complicated either they should start a niche blog or go free style. They don’t have a clear plan what they want to blog about so they start by adding every topic known to mankind on their blog confusing their readers. And mostly that’s where they make or destroy their blogging career even before it gets started.

What is niche?

A niche is fundamentally a focused market containing a group of people who share a common interest or quality. Instead of building a massive website, you’ll be creating something highly focused around a single topic, that’s niche.

why niche is recommended?

It is recommended that you focus on one main topic within your blog so that it will be more organized and visitors will be able to find it more easily.

How to choose niche topic?

Creating niche blogs is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. The hardest part can be finding niches. Niche of the blog can be Technology, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Science, Health or even many other things related to human life, subjects and factors related to daily life.

Here are the tips:

1.Think what you want to blog about

 Don’t just blog about anything. There are a lot of bloggers on the web already. If you want to attract readers, you are going to need to establish your credibility. This part is easier than you think. Brainstrom ideas by write down all topics in a piece of paper something that you have lots of experience with, something that you are good at. When you run out of ideas, head over to twitter and Google Trends. These two sites are the good sources to know the current trends in the world.

2. You should be interested in that topic

Try selecting the niche atleast you have some general interest in, so you can write prolifically about it. If you enter a niche that you know nothing about just to make money, you will end up usually giving up and failing to stay motivated. Your interest will drop if you fail to see immediate results. If you can instead choose a niche that you are passionate about you will enjoy researching and writing about your niche.

3. Your selected niche should have a broader potential

Choosing a niche should not only be of your interest, but also has the potential to attract a huge amount of visitors. If you have selected a niche where only a hundred people search it every month, then don’t do it, you will not make a profit out of it. And you’d be much more likely to make money in the long run too.

For example, There are 3 things that most people want in life and they will spend a lot of money to get what they want. They are anything that make people:

  •  Health -Weight loss, Skin Care, natural health remedies, Diet tips.
  •  Wealth – Make money online, investment, Loan, share trading, retirement plan,etc
  •  Relationship – Love & Dating tips.

Profitable and hungry niches are right in front of you wherever you look. These are all Broad (Huge) topics and there’s an endless supply of niches.There are a lot of competitors in these markets. You are not going to succeed overnight. It always takes time and work. However, it also holds true that there is huge income of opportunity in these niches as well.  As long as you give your project both those things, you’ll see some results over a not too long period of time.

4. Is Selected niche too broad or too narrow?

There are a couple of metrics you need to look at during the process of finding a niche.You need to decide just how narrow” or how broad” of a focus your niche is going to be.

A narrow niche will monetize earlier and be easier to win, but will have a limit on income. A narrow niche is like saying about “I have a solution to your specific problem” instead of saying I have solutions to problems”.

A wider niche will have a higher ceiling income-wise, but will take longer to monetize and will take more work to get there. Wider niches are much more competitive.If your blog’s topic is too broad, it’s hard to compete with and stand out from all the other blogs and websites in your niche.

5. keyword Research is another powerful tool to use to find your niche.

There are millions of niches out there. You have to do the keyword research to find a niche that people are searching for and that has a profitable product to promote.Keyword tools help you to brainstorm ideas. Head over to google keyword tool for some ideas. Set the results to ‘exact’ and browse through the keywords which have at least 1,000 or more exact visitors every month.The more searches and the fewer competitors, the better.

Best tools for keyword research:

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Semrush ( It gives you all the information like Popularity, Competition, Google Content Network Opportunities, Gain PPC Ad Insights and lot more.)
  • Market Samurai ( Excellent tool with great insights in commercial value, traffic and finding the most relevant keywords.They have a free trial and some decent training too. Market Samurai can also help you to  find long tail keywords.)

6. Research your competition

If you want to compete in your niche, you must know what your competitors are doing.

  • How they approached the same niches?
  • Have they plumbed the depths of the topic ?
  • How they engage their readers?

Look up the competition and evaluate scope for something different, because it let’s you find out what’s working and not working in your niche.

 Remember that there are a ton of blogs out there but yours needs to stand out. Even in a heavily competitive niche, a new blog can prosper quickly. It depends on the unique perspective the blogger brings to the market. Pick one that works best for you, from all angles, and start your blog.

I hope this post helps you decide to choose topics to blogging. Feel free to comment on my article and share your opinions.

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