Design Palette Pro: A Viable Means to Customize Genesis Theme

Having over 60.3 percent CMS market share, WordPress rules the CMS industry. What’s more? Around 74.6 million sites worldwide use WordPress platform. Looking at these stats, you can easily measure the popularity of this CMS around the world. But its popularity is not the only reason behind: the increasing adoption rate of WordPress for developing websites.

There are many other factors that contribute in making WordPress one of the most widely-used content management systems. For instance, the availability of thousands of themes and plugins makes WordPress a hot favorite among webmasters. Here, in this post we’ll discuss about the significance of using the Genesis Framework for creating a WordPress theme. And most importantly, how using Design Palette Pro will help in making the task of customizing a Genesis based theme a lot easier.

Genesis Framework – What it is and Why You Should Use It?

You may use a pre-built WordPress theme for creating your site, however, to speed up development it is recommended that you should consider using a theme framework instead. A theme framework helps in building a theme without having to lose custom styling options. What’s more, a theme framework helps in developing a theme containing high-quality code and additional functionality.

You can find several theme frameworks – both free and paid. But, Genesis Framework is the most preferred one, as it will allow you to develop a WordPress (child) theme without adding any unnecessary bloat and clutter – like other theme frameworks.

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Design Palette Pro plugin makes customizing your Genesis theme incredibly easy

Of course, if you know how to code, you’ll prefer developing a theme on your own rather than using any theme framework such as Genesis. After all, creating a theme using the Genesis Framework comes at a cost. In simple words, you’ll need to buy the Genesis framework first to meet your theme development needs. However, one problem that you may face with Genesis is that – you will be required to write code – something that you wouldn’t want to or can’t – to customize your child theme.

Not to mention, you selected the Genesis theme framework, to be able to create a WordPress theme without having to fiddle around with the code. But if you lack coding skills, then it will become difficult for you to change the look of your Genesis theme on your own. But, thanks to Design Pallet Pro, you can now customize the Genesis themes without going through the hassle of writing even a single line of code.

Created by Andrew Norcross, Design Palette Pro is a plugin that makes the process of customizing the Genesis themes straightforward using point-and-click options instead of having to write any code. The point-and-click options makes editing any Genesis child theme a hassle-free task, and allows you to come up with a WordPress website that is tailored based on your exact needs and preferences.

Below are a few benefits you get, by using Design Pallet Pro:

1. Enables making plenty of customizations in a hassle-free manner

Simply installing the Design Palette Pro plugin will make you capable to – easily and quickly – alter the look and feel of all your website sections like a navigation menu, header, content area, and other such important sections. Additionally, you won’t have to write code for making customizations such as changing the color of your theme, background, image, and so on.

All you need to do is to point the item of your theme you want to customize and click on it. Next, test the changes that have been made and correct them till they don’t meet your need.

2. Supports multiple Pro child themes

Design Palette Pro is compatible with all of the below mentioned Genesis child themes:

  • 411 Pro
  • Metro Pro
  • eleven40 Pro
  • Beautiful Pro
  • Magazine Pro
  • Daily Dish Pro
  • Lifestyle Pro
  • Minimum Pro and many more.

And soon Design Palette Pro will be supporting even more Genesis child themes add-ons that are in the development phase. Once these themes are developed, they’ll be automatically integrated within the Design Palette Pro plugin.

3. Will provide mobile layouts preview

It’s no more a hidden fact that mobile usage is about to overtake desktop computers for browsing the Internet. And so, it has become important to create sites that are optimized for mobile (first), but they should also look great when accessed via a desktop as well. We’re living in a world that is dominated by mobile, and thus it is important that your site design does not look good on desktops alone, but must also look stunning on phones and tablets.

The Design Palette Pro will make it possible for you to switch from desktop and mobile devices live previews, enabling you to view your site design exactly the way your viewers will see.

4. Won’t break customizations in your child theme

Do you fear that all of the customizations that have been made to your child theme will be impacted when using Design Palette Pro? Then, you’ll be relieved to know that using Design Palette Pro won’t break the customizations in the theme.

Design Palette Pro creates a custom CSS file. And so, it won’t replace the existing code of your child theme or its style. Thus, you don’t need to fear losing the work you’ve done so far in customizing your Genesis child theme.

Wrapping Up

Have you been using the Genesis theme and would want to customize it? Well, then you’ll need to write some code to fulfill your customizations needs. But, what if you coding isn’t your thing? Probably you’ll be thinking of hiring some professional to get the job done. But, Design Palette Pro can save you from spending your money in taking up theme customization services. Simply put, it will help you customize your Genesis theme with no need to write code.

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